Elastic Waist Workwear

Elastic Waist Work Pants & Shorts 

As one of the most popular brands of workwear in Australia, we are a leading supplier of elastic waist work pants and elastic waist work shorts for both men and women. Our workwear with an elastic waist is not only made from durable materials, but also offers comfort and style. Both our iconic elastic work pants and shorts, and made from the highest quality fabrics, and made to fit the trendiest styles of the season.

Women & Men’s Elastic Work Pants

We offer a wide range of elastic waist workwear like trousers for men and women. Whether you are looking for Cargo Work Pants, Cotton Drill & Lightweight work pants or slim fit cargo pants with cuffs, we have them all in a range of great colours including Navy, Khaki, Black, Denim and White.

Our elastic work pants come with an elastic drawstring and are tailored to fit - perfect for those who dislike wearing belts. You can choose between our BAD Saviour Cuffed Elastic Work Pants or our BAD Saviour Elastic Work Pants, both of which offer unparalleled comfort while working. Whatever your occupation, these elastic pants will suit you.

Our BAD Pro-Fleece Slim Fit Cuffed Track Pants are ideal if you work outside during the colder seasons. This pair of cuffed ankle track pants' provide a fashion-forward look while keeping the trousers in place thanks to three zipper pockets and Pro-Fleece® fabric.

Women and Men’s Elastic Waist Work Shorts

BAD offers both men's and women's elastic waist work shorts that are both stylish and durable. These unisex work shorts are made from 280GSM pre-shrunk 100% FREEMOVE stretch cotton and feature multiple utility pockets reinforced with Cordura to improve durability.

We can assure you that our work shorts and our work pants won’t rip even after repeated and regular use. Our work shorts and pants are made of stretchable fabrics, which allow them to move with you instead of restricting your movement. Despite high temperatures, the breathable fabrics will help you remain cool.

Buy Elastic Waist Workwear and work pants with AfterPay: As a leading provider of tradie workwear, we know how important it is to be able to buy quality trousers and shorts now, and then pay for them over time. By partnering with AfterPay, we are able to offer you the option of paying in instalments. Choose AfterPay during checkout, provide the requested details, and confirm your purchase. Easy. Let's get started.