The BAD Workwear men's and women’s high visibility fluorescent safety garments are number one across Australia. We offer comfortable and safety approved work shirts, t-shirts, polos and singlets that allow you to excel in any working condition. As the leading Australian brand for men's workwear and women's workwear, we offer the widest range of hi-vis work clothes. It doesn't matter if you're looking for something stylish or comfortable - there is an option for everyone. Regardless of what trade or industry you work in, we have the right workwear for you, including the best hi- vis work shirts that embody both comfort and style.

All of our hi-vis singlets, polo shirts, t-shirts, white night work shirts, and women's polo shirts are made from moisture-wicking and antibacterial materials. These Hi-vis workwear garments help regulate your body's temperature and prevent the fabric from sticking to your skin. Our collection of high visibility work shirts adheres to Australian safety standards and protects the wearer with UPF 50+.

Designed with lightweight, breathable fabrics, BAD® Hi-Vis Singlets provide you with the flexibility you need on the worksite. You can choose from two styles of BAD® iconic hi-vis singlets: cotton or micromesh. Each of these products offer maximum comfort and ease of movement - making your day easier, smoother, and more enjoyable.

Similarly, BAD® Hi-Vis T-Shirts are built to endure rough working conditions - no matter what field you are in. Despite being made to withstand gruelling weather conditions, these high visibility t-shirts are comfortable at the same time. Whether it's our men's long sleeve hi-vis t-shirts or our women's hi-vis t-shirts, you can count on quality from us.

BAD® Hi-Vis Polo Shirts are the perfect option for you if you are looking for hi-vis shirts that are durable, visible and comfortable. Choose from a wide selection of cotton hi-vis polo shirts, long sleeve hi-vis polo shirts, short sleeve hi-vis polo shirts or the women's hi-vis polo shirts.

BAD® also offers high visibility stretch shirts with long sleeves and 3M reflective tape for enhanced visibility. As a leading Australian workwear supplier, we also provide stretchable hi-vis shirts with 3M reflective tape, compliant with VIC Rail safety standards, and a white long sleeve hi-vis shirt for night work. You can choose from many options for pocket sizes, layers and colours including yellow, pink, green, orange and navy blue.

We design BAD® high-visibility workwear to withstand wear and tear, as well as to impress. To help you wear now and pay later, we facilitate workwear AfterPay online. We have partnered with AfterPay to simplify your life.