Can Workwear Be Claimed As A Business Expense?

Yes. The Australian Tax Office website states there are no tax deductions available for conventional clothing - even if it resembles the tradie workwear. They use ‘Bob ’as an example and upon describing his hot-dollar long sleeve shirt and three-quarter shorts combo, that offer minimal protection from the sun and abrasions, we are reminded of the apprentice’s mate who is filling to give a chop out.

As Bob may only be filling for the month and not see the value in durable and comfortable workwear, he would be pleased to know that if he were to get his hands on a pair of BAD Saviours cuffed elastic waist pants or a BAD flannelette to keep him warm during the winter inductions, he is not only safeguarding himself against potential injury but eligible for a tax deduction. 

BAD Workwear boasts a comprehensive range of comfortable yet highly protective workwear for men and women across the board. They have become the benchmark in Australian workwear and use quality materials such as moisture wicking, anti-bacterial materials in their entire product line that prevent excessive sweat and odour. The comfort is multifaceted- physically light and flexible on the skin while regulating temperature and offering UPF+50 protection.



The entire BAD Workwear range classifies as tax-deductible, however below lists 4 key workwear items for winter months and the benefits that can arise from having a stocked closet:

Safety Coloured Vests 

Tradies know the importance of being able to operate machinery and approach heavy lifting without multiple layers that lead to desensitisation and potential injury. Especially in the mornings, the BAD Hi-Vis Down Puffer vest offers warmth without the heft and it’s easily compressible and gives you a great range of motion during work. Above all, it is highly visible and is the perfect tax-deductible item that surpasses the definition of ‘conventional ’workwear for men and women alike.

Protective Boots - Such As Steel-Capped Boots Or Rubber Boots

Whether you’re more of a Redback Bobcat or Steel Blue parkies type-operator, you deserve to feel comfortable and safe in any conditions. The additional benefit of BAD’s safety footwear being tax deductible is it mitigates the daunting price-tag that have previously led tradies to cheaper, less compliant steel caps. You must have protection against hazards, punctures, cuts, slips and trips. BAD Workwear offers men and women of all trades a healthy variety of comfortable, safety and compliant footwear with a durability to stand tall in all conditions.




Heavy Duty Gloves

The impulse buy of all impulse buys at any hardware shop, non-durable gloves have flooded the marketplace and enticed tradies into a false sense of security. It’s time to get a grip and seek out a pair of durable and high quality PPT gloves that don't decrease touch and bolster your safety over the work years.

Occupational Heavy Duty Wet-Weather Gear

Between being in a pit, a manhole or general wet conditions, the importance of heavy-duty wet weather gear cannot be understated. BAD Workwear’s Waterproof Weather set is the ideal item to ensure your undergarments and your body temperature remain intact while submerged in water. Moreover, the BAD Waterproof Hi-Vis soft shell jackets are highly waterproof, windproof and retain their breathability. The 3-metre brand reflective tape makes it as optimal for night as it does for the mornings.

As mentioned, these are but some of the tax-deductible items offered by BAD Workwear in relation to the ATO protective gear requirements. For a full list, please see the full ATO requirements here

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