Evolution Of The Tradie Women And Their Workwear

Over the years, the labour industry has evolved – policies, working environment, and wages. Workwear is also part of this evolution, mainly men's workwear. However, what is rarely mentioned is the evolution of tradie women and their workwear.

Safety workwear is one of the most basic requirements for working in the trades industries, but female tradies are often left out when it comes to proper safety workwear.

Before 2008, there were very few female tradies in Australia; still today, the number of male tradies is much higher. In sectors like automotive, construction, electrical and the workforce is made up of less than 6 percent of females, with the rest being male.

Slowly, the number of women in trades is rising, which is great news for women and for Australia's economic growth. This steady growth is proof that women are more than interested in working in trades. More than 50% of Australia's population is female, and there is no good reason that 95% of tradies are men.

There are various reasons women have now become comfortable working in labour industries, and one of those reasons is workwear.

Most female tradies didn't have safety workwear when they first started working, or they had to wear workwear designed for men because there were no other options available. Ill-fitting clothing leads to physical hazards, which means that women are much more at risk by wearing men's clothing.



Luckily, things have now changed, and women’s workwear has evolved beautifully. Women don't have to wear workwear designed for men anymore. They now have access to workwear that fits them properly, making them feel safer and more comfortable while at work.

It is not just about comfort and fit, but workwear for female tradies is fashionable too, with the rise of workwear manufacturing brands. The workwear industry has transformed for a lot for women.

While women in white-collar jobs have uniforms that are dress codes that are much easier to follow and find clothes for, they always had the option of comfort and fashion. While women’s safety workwear in blue-collar jobs, never had that option.

Fortunately, the line between comfort, functionality and style in women’s and men’s safety workwear is becoming blurred.

BAD Workwear is one of Australia's popular workwear brands that makes the most amazing workwear for males and females. They understand why adequately fitting female workwear is essential. First, the safety – BAD's focus is the safety of the workers who wear their clothes, and they have always tried to go the extra mile to make safe workwear.

Then comes comfort; one cannot function properly if they are not comfortable with what they are wearing. Finally, professionalism – to compete with the male tradies, female tradies need to look professional and wearing something that is not made for them is not going to work.

BAD manufactures female workwear by keeping all these things in mind. If you are the tradie struggling to get the best fit workwear, check out the BAD Workwear website for work pants, work shorts, safety boots, overalls, hoodies, hi-vis workwear and all your other workwear needs.  

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