Safety First – The Last Thing You Need Right Now As A Tradie Is An Injury. How Can BAD Workwear Help To Protect You On The Worksite?

According to Safe Work Australia, 30% of the Australian workforce are tradies. Right now, they are the ones who have the most significant role in the growth of the country’s economy.

Sadly, there are risks in these workplaces, and if you are a tradie, the last thing you need right now is an injury. Tradies are among the highest-ranked sector in regard to workplace injuries.

There are a lot of factors that can help to protect you on the worksite, and safety workwear is one of the most important factors among them. Safety workwear protects the tradies from various injuries. Safety workwear consists of garments to protect each delicate area such a helmet for head and work boots for the feet. They also protect features such as sight and hearing, and also the mouth and nose to prevent inhalation of dangerous chemicals.   

No doubt workwear protects tradies from hazards but are all the workwear brands trustworthy? Do they provide the same level of protection against serious injuries? – no, they don’t.

BAD Workwear is a trusted name when it comes to workwear in Australia. They have multiple retail locations across Australia and tradies love them. Their primary goal is to create the highest-quality workwear for the hardest working tradies, and they never fail to achieve this.

BAD Workwear has all kinds of workwear for you. Whether it is work pants, work shorts, boots, t-shirts, vests, hoodies, accessories and many more, BAD Workwear can deliver it to you.

Here are some of the most essential BAD Workwear items, to protect you on the worksite:



BAD Workwear protective overalls are created to ensure a high level of protection on-the-job. The main purpose of overalls is to protect tradies from chemical, electrical, physical, and thermal hazards.

BAD Workwear overalls are made for the roughest jobs, no matter if you are a chemical worker, electrician, farmer, painter or mechanic, they will protect you. These overalls are made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton for you to stay comfortable.



Work Boots

Your work boots are a necessary component of safety workwear. They protect your feet from any on-site hazards, and they keep you comfortable even during the longest shifts.

BAD Workwear has a wide range work boots for both male and female tradies. All of them are water, oil, acid and heat resistant, making them the perfect work boots to wear even in the harshest industrial conditions. The best part of BAD Workwear boots is they come with a six months warranty.



Hi-Vis Work Polos

Now that we have stepped into spring, this is the right time to buy some high visibility safety garments. BAD Workwear work polos are comfortable, and safety approved that allows you to move through all working conditions safely.

These hi-vis work polos are a perfect example of durability, comfort and visibility.  

BAD don’t just protect you from workplace hazards, they also protect your finances. They use AfterPay online, which means you can buy now and pay later.


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