The New Homebuilder Package Is Set To Safeguard Jobs For Millions Of Australian Tradies - How Will This Impact Workwear Suppliers?

The Australian economy, like many others around the world, are currently feeling the strain placed upon the global economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Australian economy has now entered into a recession after 29 years of economic growth, which has hit hard working, middle-class Australians especially hard. Due to this it was warned that if the government didn’t step in then blue-collar workers would be hit the hardest. The sector warned the trades industry would be facing a 30 per cent decline in construction – around 43,000 homes – next year and a significant loss of jobs if nothing is done to help.

Luckily for Australian tradies the Morrison government has recently announced its $688 million Homebuilder program, that is designed to spark a tradie-led recovery of the construction industry. The program is designed to not only help Australians bring their dream homes to life but to support and ensure that more than a million builders, painters, plumbers, electricians and many more, are going to keep their jobs.


Australians will be offered $25,000 to build or substantially renovate a home in a bid to boost the flagging construction industry, which has hit the wall, following the pandemic induced economic downturn.

The one-off cash payment will be eligible to owner-occupiers and first home buyers, to entice investment in the sector, yet the incentive will support hundreds of thousands of Australian workers, who need it the most. It will also help home builders and trade contractors keep their staff on board.

Australia’s blue-collar workers are currently the backbone of the economy and moving forward this incentive will be a great help to our tradies. However, if our tradies are run off their feet with new work how will this impact the suppliers of their tools, materials and workwear.

All of these suppliers are likely to see a jump in demand for their products, a positive place to be during a recession. As the jobs for tradies increases so will the demand for their suppliers and it’s important for the workers and businesses to ensure that they are only purchasing or using the best possible suppliers in every aspect of their work.

Workwear for tradies is like their bread and butter. It is extremely essential to their health, safety and comfort on the worksite. Without the correct workwear tradies will be unable to work on site, as they will not meet proper OH&S standards. An increase in work for tradies will mean that workwear suppliers will see more demand for their products than ever before. It is essential that only quality workwear is purchased from a trusted Australian brand like BAD Workwear.

BAD Workwear is where fashion and function meet for the blue-collar industry. Their workwear not only looks great but is practical and extremely high quality. It is so important when you are stocking up on workwear during these crazy times ahead that you support an Australian brand, and that you are purchasing high quality clothes and boots that meet all necessary safety standards. BAD can provide you with all of that with the added bonus of your workwear looking incredibly stylish.

Many workwear brands are expected to witness the demand as a follow-on effect of the government incentive, this will not only help the tradies to get quality workwear but be a great boost the economy and other Australian brands. This demand will also put pressure on businesses that supply building materials and tools, to the construction industry.



The Australian government recognises that supporting our vital residential construction industry is the right path to follow. However, some don’t agree with the finer details of the incentive, but only time will tell if it really makes an impact to our economy. At this time, we can only hope that it will help to push demand for the good and services of our tradies and their suppliers (workwear and tools etc.), enough to help Australia see some economic growth.

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