Why Masks Are Just As Important As Your Other Workwear Items - BAD Can Cover All Your Workwear Needs, Including Masks

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Australia’s economy, businesses and people. Australia has been under various state-specific restrictions since the pandemic began. Victoria, in particular, has been the most affected by lockdown restrictions as a result of this pandemic. So much so, that from Sunday the 2nd of August, the use of face mask coverings outside of home, became mandatory in Victoria.



It was announced that wearing a face mask covering provides an additional physical barrier between you and the next person. In conjunction with the upstanding ruling on social distancing, this acts as a further preventive measure to spreading the virus. At BAD Workwear, we understand the demand for face masks across Victoria, and have made them available on our site. Not only for our essential blue-collar workers - who haven’t halted all year long – but also any Australian in need.

We know the importance of quality workwear for our essential workforce across the country. We also believe, however essential our products are, that face masks are just as important as your other workwear items. Whether this be on site, down the road to your local park, or grocery shopping, masks in Victoria are still mandatory, and BAD are here to help.


So, Why Are Masks So Important?

After months in a pandemic we have discovered the best practices and safety measures to help prevent the spread throughout our community. We now know that a significant percentage of people with COVID-19, actually lack the physical symptoms that the virus induces.  This reason in itself, is an example of why Victorians must take the appropriate measures of wearing face masks outside of home. 



Not only do face masks protect us, but they also protect the people around you, and in turn, your community. This simple barrier acts as a preventative to respiratory droplets from traveling into the atmosphere, which can be carried onto another person. This includes coughing, sneezing or even talking. This form of source control, in conjunction with social distancing, are the crucial preventative measures that Australia must follow, to get on top of this virus.

Whether it be an antiviral surgical health safety face mask, a cotton hand crafted face mask, or a makeshift one from home. All Victorian residents are required to have one when outside of home. At BAD, we provide black antiviral surgical masks. These masks include an antiviral feature that filters out harmful particles. Elastic ear loops to accommodate any wearer, providing a secure fit with one size fitting all. The mask also contains no latex or fibreglass components, with a triple layer filtration, so it can be worn all day long, while feeling assured that your securely protected. We also provide a black antiviral KN95 face mask, and a 3-layer reusable BAD branded black face mask. 

Thankfully, daily and active case numbers are dropping around the country, in particular, Victoria. There’s little certainty around how long face mask coverings will be mandatory for Victorian residents, but it may be for a while. No matter, we have to continue to follow the rules and regulations regarding the health and safety of Australian people. In doing this, we can begin to head towards COVID normal together as a nation.

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