Why the "Blue Collar" Industry Is Considered 'Essential' By the Australian Government

Blue-collar workers are those who engage in manual labour like construction, mining, maintenance, or agriculture. Their work is often physically exhausting as the environment they work in can be outdoors or require interaction with heavy machines. They get their hands dirty to get the work done, and they are not afraid of working in settings that are less comfortable than an office.

The Australian Government considers the blue-collar industry ‘essential’ in the pandemic situation. Blue collars workers are the vital driving force for the future development of our country.

Whether it is electricians, plumbers, or construction workers, blue-collar workers are the backbone of modern Australia and they are vitally important to the wellbeing of the Australian economy.

When it comes to industries like manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, warehousing, and transportation, the people on the ground putting in the hard yards are essential; companies need blue-collar workers to achieve better integration and collaboration to reach any goal.

Blue-collar work may not look as glamourous as white-collar work, but manual competence requires its own set of skills and knowledge.

The work that blue-collar workers do also leads to our good health; without them, sanitation work would not be possible. Most of the us cannot do our jobs without electricity, and if a problem occurs with electricity, our electricians are the ones who fix it, if our shower or toilets get damaged, there is no one more important than a plumber and without construction workers, we would not have our homes.

We are directly and indirectly dependent on the blue-collar industry for the way we live, which is why it is essential that they continue to work and continue to allow society to function, in more ways than one.

For society and the organisations to flourish, people of all professions need to be seen as equally important. However, blue collars industries have essentially helped us build our civilization, and in these current difficult times, they are putting themselves on the line every day to continue doing the work that is essential to our society.

Having a strong blue-collar workforce can enhance productivity and efficiency. The skilled blue-collar industry is more prominent than ever and realising their importance can lead to the economic growth of the country.

So, next time you meet a blue-collar worker who takes care of your day to day problems, make sure you give them an appreciated thought because they are extremely essential.

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