Winter is Coming And You Need To Be Prepared

As Australia is heading towards winter, it's time to start looking for winter workwear. It is important to make sure your wardrobe is filled with proper workwear for winter to keep you warm and safe.

Wearing appropriate workwear this year is more critical than ever. Now, you might be wondering what's special this year; after all, it's just winter - So let's not forget about the pandemic we are going through.

So, what does this mean? Does wearing good workwear prevents us from getting sick?

Remember your parents telling you not to go out unless you were wearing warm clothes during winter or else you might catch a cold? Well, it's not the winter that causes you to catch the flu or cold. It is exposing your body to cold weather that can cause mild hypothermia, which reduces our immune system, making us become more vulnerable to the virus.

Every winter, many countries see a sharp rise in respiratory infections - commonly known as "colds" and the more severe one is known as "flu." If we look at the statistics in 2019 by ,a high number of flu cases were seen during May-August (winter). The immunity of a high number of the population is affected.

And 2020 is even worse; I'm pretty sure you don't want to compromise with your immune system and increase the risk of being infected by flu or, in the worst case, coronavirus.


Protect Your Body From Cold Weather

Cold weather can chill your body enough to make you ill, and if the temperature drops below freezing, it can even give you frostbite.

It's not difficult to dress warm when it’s cold, the challenging part is to dress right while working in cold conditions. One of the trendiest wears during winter is layering of clothes, but not everyone can do this correctly. If you are creative, enough to avoid overdressing you won't be able to move appropriately with all bulky work clothes on.

Labor Intensive and hard work often lead to sweating, but when you begin to stop the decrease in the pace will make your sweat start cooling, which will eventually make you feel cold. So, while buying workwear in winter, you need to consider the workwear with advanced ventilation and the ability to regulate and control the heat of your body.

It's crucial to wear quality workwear to protect your body from various factors and prevent health issues. Apart from keeping you warm, you should also wear workwear that provides proper visibility as visibility is often low during winter.


Quality Workwear For The Winter Season

Now you know the importance of proper workwear in winter and things to consider when purchasing it. Let me help you with some examples of durable workwear that you need to have in your wardrobe during the winter season:


Hoodies are an everyday piece of workwear during winters, and you can find a variety of fleece hoodies such as Hi-Vis, waterproof rain-defend, and with 3M tape. You can purchase these types of hoodies according to your work requirements.

BAD workwear offers a waterproof rain-defend hi-vis hoodie with 3M tape. It is one of the best fleece hoodies that can keep you warm, protect from water and the hi-vis colour with 3M reflective tape will help give you better visibility. The elastic waist and cuff will retain your body heat, ensuring the perfect fit.



Jackets are also a major part of winter workwear. They will keep you warm and comfortable during cold weather. Jackets like Denim Sherpa, insulated twill parka, Hi-Vis down, and Bomber serve as good workwear for the winter.



Apart from wearing warm jackets and hoodies, wearing a hat is also equally crucial during winter. Winter hats like BAD's Cable Beanie and Insulated Work Beanie protect your head and ears from cold and also help to keep the rest of your body warm.


Work Boots

Keeping our feet warm is essential for both health and smooth work. We all know how hard it is to move around with cold feet. We need to make sure our footwear provides us with proper warmth and safety during work.

For good quality footwear, you can check the BAD's work boots collection. They have a variety of work boots with elastic side, zip side, steel cap, and other qualities to provide your feet with proper comfort and protection at work. Additionally, you can get a six-month warranty on all footwear purchased from BAD.

If you are looking for winter workwear, you don't have to go through multiple shopping centres. Visit BAD's website to find and order a stylish and durable workwear wardrobe. They have a variety of workwear that will keep you warm and safe during winter.

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