With The Warmer Months Approaching, Don't Skip On Sun Protective Workwear. Here's What You'll Need Heading In To Summer.

It’s the month everybody’s been looking forward to, December. Not only is it the first month of the long-awaited summer, or the start of a well-deserved Christmas holiday, but it’s also the end of a very challenging year for Australians. However, with Christmas in Australia, comes warmer weather and more harmful UV rays.

A common mistake when you’re out working in the heat, is wearing less clothing in order to stay cool on site. Make no mistake, the manual labour industry is no easy feat for any worker; and working in the extreme Australian summer heat can be dangerous. It’s understandable why workers wear less clothing, but with less coverage, comes more exposure to harmful UV rays.

It is important for workers to keep themselves protected on site. However, this not only includes protection from physical workplace hazards, but also protection from the sun. In Australia, average temperatures over summer can vary from 20-35 degrees Celsius; with UV averaging around 12. With anything over UV 11 considered ‘extreme’, it’s hugely important that all precautions are taken on site. Luckily, with BAD, we have exactly what you’ll need to safely combat Australia’s summer heat. With a wide range of products to choose from, and quality lightweight fabrics that can accommodate you during the scorching heat, BAD Workwear can be your one-stop shop this summer.


Work Pants

Apart from our winter trousers, all of our work pants are manufactured with Lightweight 280GSM pre-shrunk FREEMOVE 100% cotton. Not only will these work pants give you the practicality and breathability most other work pants won’t, it’ll also keep you fully protected from the sun. We also stock work pants that are made up of 100% mercerised breathable cotton. This fabric isn’t only durable, but it’s also rated UPF50+, acting as an excellent protection from harmful UV rays.




Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Polo

This little number absolutely screams sun protection. We wanted to recommend a top that not only has upper body coverage in the arms, but a collar for your neck. There is lightweight fabric to keep you cool, and hi-vis to reflect the sun, which combats UV rays superbly. The lightweight, breathable, soft micromesh fabric makes it easy to throw on for those warmer days. It’s ability to protect you from the sun, while allowing your skin to breath, makes it an ideal summer wardrobe option. With its UPF50+ rating, soft cotton collar, and moisture wicking fabric, you can’t go past this option.




Stretch Hi-Vis Shirt

If you don’t feel like the polo style is for you, we’d also recommend our hi-vis cotton shirt. It is made from a lightweight 160GSM pre-shrunk stretch FREEMOVE fabric with cotton and elastane blends which provides flexible manoeuvrability and breathability. This combination of fabrics ensures freedom of wear, versatility and longevity. We know how strenuous a day on the job can be, and this top won’t only keep you shielded from the sun, but from other workplace hazards as well. It’s ventilated mesh under-arms and back will assist in keeping you cool, while the button up collar will give your neck the protection it needs. On top of this, it’s hi-vis appearance will reflect the sun, making this option an easy choice for summer protection.




Wide Brim Hat

When it comes to selecting a summer outfit for a big day at work, you can’t go past BAD’s wide brim hat. To guarantee complete, full body protection from the sun, this simple addition will finish off your outfit. The sun protection wide brim hat provides complete 360-degree protection, with UPF50+. With premium brushed cotton material, making it breathable and comfortable, you’ll feel safe and secure wearing this on site. Its tactically placed vent holes will allow appropriate ventilation in order to keep you cool during the warmer days.



Whether you’re in Melbourne or Brisbane, Australian summers can be a hidden hazard that some workplaces can overlook. With BAD’s practical and breathable workwear, you can be well-equipped for anything summer throws at you. In addition to our clothing, be sure to apply sun cream and UV rated sunglasses. We want to be sure that we’re all prepared for another warm Christmas.

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