Best Ways to Extend The Life of Your Work Boots

Work boots are an essential part of workwear and they play a significant role in providing you with comfort and safety throughout your workday. I often hear people and even my colleagues complaining that their boots don’t last long enough and they would last longer.

I have been wearing the same boots for over a year and they will still be good for the next few months. There is no such magic way of making your work boots last longer, however, I have a few small tricks to help my colleagues keep their boots for longer. So I have decided to share my tips with all the people facing the same problems.



Let's start with the problem: The Reasons Why Boots Fall Apart Quickly.

Generally, boot quality, environment, and job type are the main determinants to how long your boots will last.


  • The environment you work in isn’t always your choice. Different weather conditions like snow, rain or extreme hear will put your footwear to the test, and you can’t do much about it most days.  


  • Similarly, your job is also a major factor in the life span of your work boots. For instance, carpenters spend more time on their hands and knees, which causes the boot’s toe to wear down quickly. If you work in a chemical plant, exposing your boots to harmful chemicals can waste away the materials of the boot.


  • Next is high-quality work boots. There is a reason why some boot costs $30 and others cost $200. The materials used and the way they are made is totally different. When looking for work boots you should be comparing the value of investment rather than price. The comfort, safety, and durability you get from high-quality boots can’t be beaten when compared to low-quality boots.

For me, BAD Workwear boots are the best choice for affordable and high-quality work boots. I have purchased three different pairs of work boots from them, and to be frank, I’m surprised that I got such quality boots at such an affordable price. Whenever you buy the work boots never compromise quality for the price.

Now, let’s get to some tips on how to make your work boots last even longer.


Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning Work Boot


After a long, tough day when you finally come home to rest, you probably don’t feel like cleaning your boots, right? However, this can be the reason your boots doesn’t last very long. Leaving dirt, mud, and grime on your boots can be damaging in the long-term. With time things such as mud can start to wear on the stitching and make your boots fall apart.

 Here is how to clean your boots and keep them in good condition:

  1. Once you get home, gently clean your boost with a plastic brush. It will remove the excess mud, but don’t rub too hard else you might scratch the boot.
  2. In case of stains, apply soapy water to remove the marks and wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth.
  3. For greasy or oily stain, you can spread cornstarch on the affected area and let it rest for a few hours, then use a wet cloth to wipe the boot clean.
  4. Scratches can be common on leather work boots after a few weeks of use. The best solution is to use coconut oil. Apply a small amount of coconut oil on the mark and rub until the mark is less noticeable,
  5. Massage your work boots using a boot oil of your choice; It’ll soak into the leather and make it look as good as new.


Use Tree Shoes

Cedar Tree Shoe


A shoe tree is a device that is shaped like a foot and is placed inside a shoe to help retain its shape and stop it from developing creases. Using these overnight or while you are not wearing your boots, can help extend the life of your work boot.

If you use a wooden shoe tree, it will even help to pull all the moisture out and keep your boots dry while also leaving a pleasant cedar aroma. Consider buying two pairs of work boots so that you can switch them over between days. It will also give your boots time to dry if necessary in the winter months.


Use Water And Stain Repellent



It’s always better to have extra protection against oil and water stains. Water not only stains leather, but it stretches and shrinks your boot. As a result, your boot stitching can tear out quickly and ruin your boots.

When you clean your boots, use a water and stain repellent as per the product description for extra protection. Although it won’t last forever, being extra cautious is always useful.


Drying Your Boots

If your boots get wet, never panic. Set them out to dry, but DON’T use heat, dry them using an ordinary fan or hairdryer with the heat turned off. Applying heat can over-dry the boots and crack them. So, the faster they dry without using heat, the better they’ll be.


Storing Boots

The lifespan of your boots can also depend on how you store them. The best place to store your boots would be in a place with mild and dry temperatures. Select a cool spot that has good air circulation and is dust-free.

We often store boots in closed boxes or stuffy cupboards, but this can cause the materials to deteriorate. Always keep your boots away from direct sunlight, cooling vents and heaters.

These are my best tips to help extend the lifespan of my work boots and I hope it works for you too. Whenever you buy work boots, never be afraid to pay more for them, saving on them, doesn’t mean spending less; there has to be a good return on investment. Go with a high quality branded boot for extended life and extra safety. Also, consider having more than one pair of work boots and rotating the boots, this can help give them time to recover and extend the life of both pairs.

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