What Products Female Blue-Collar (Tradies) Workers Should Consider With Autumn Approaching

Workwear fashion for all female tradies can often look quite similar. It can be quite challenging for them to look and feel their best at work.

As the warmer months bids goodbye and colder month creep in, female tradies will require some appropriate workwear for autumn.

With the autumn approaching, we have to get ready for both hot sun and freezing wind. So, you will need clothes that are flexible, so that it keeps you warm in the morning and you don’t find it too hot in the middle of the day.

Here are few workwear pieces that are must-haves on the shopping list for the autumn.

A Polo Hi-Vis Shirt

 Being a blue-collar tradie, you cannot miss wearing hi-vis clothing for your safety. Also, skilled tradies often work for long hours and the clothes you choose must be comfortable.

A BAD Polo Hi-Vis Shirt is made with lightweight, breathable, and soft micromesh fabric. This shirt features moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial technology to prevent excessive sweat and odour. This polo shirt has been specially customised for women, the waist and hips have curved hem that will flatter your body and add a bit of panache to your outfit.


Hi-Vis Fleece Hoodie

The key to dressing autumn appropriate is layering up. The weather is unpredictable, so the ability to remove or add a piece of clothing is vital for personal comfort and style. It is a good idea to adapt to the change of weather with an additional layer.

There is nothing better than a soft, lightweight fleece hoodie over a polo hi-vis shirt to keep you warm and looking cool. Polo shirt will keep you visible even if you take off your hoodie.

BAD Hi-vis fleece hoodie is made with thick and water/stain repellent fabric that will keep you warm and dry.


Elastic Waist Work Pant

Work pants don’t always have to be boring. A well-fitted elastic waist work pant will make you look elegant and sharp.

When it comes to choosing a fabric for work pants for autumn, it is quite tricky. You cannot select too warm to too cold fabrics. Cotton is the best fabric for autumn.

BAD Elastic work pants are the best pant you can find for autumn, and it is made with brushed fabric making it soft and comfortable. The fabric is pre-shrunk, which means you don’t have to worry about the pant getting smaller after every wash. Also, it has drawstrings that allow you to tighten the waist without a belt.


Zip Side Safety Workboot

A work boot is a must if you are a blue-collar tradie no matter which season it is. For autumn, a zip side work boot is a perfect choice, and it is super-fast to get in and get off.

Wearing boot all day long is difficult, so purchase a lightweight and flexible work boot with orthopaedic innersole and arch support to keep your feet comfortable and happy. Make sure the work boot complies with AS/NZS 2210.3:2009.


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