How do you know if you're investing in sustainable, high quality workwear?

At a glance:

  • Investing in sustainable and high-quality workwear keeps tradies safe.
  • High-quality and sustainable workwear is usually constructed with natural fibres.
  • Read on to find out what sustainable workwear BAD offers for tradies.

Tradies must adhere to health and safety regulations regarding what they wear. Wearing the right clothing is crucial to keeping you and others in your vicinity safe, whether it is hi-vis, safety-capped boots, hard hats or safety goggles.

By investing in durable clothing, you can wear your items for longer periods and buy fewer items. It can often feel overwhelming to live sustainably and to be able to identify high-quality workwear. Don't worry; we'll share tips and avoidable pitfalls on how to dress sustainably for work so you can enjoy your ethical fashion journey without hiccups.

What makes a workwear brand sustainable?

Clothing of superior quality is usually constructed with natural fibres such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Long-lasting, comfortable workwear must have sturdy zippers, wooden buttons, additional accessories, as well as lining, facing, and excellent stitching.

Some of the features of sustainable workwear are:


Whatever the industry, safety should be the main feature of all workwear. Skin-friendly fabrics are also essential. A choice of material shouldn't be haphazard, and the quality shouldn't be compromised. Additionally, stronger fabrics reduce the risk of clothes tearing or wearing out & therefore provide extra skin protection. Make sure the workwear you order is made from certified materials as this will ensure that your garments are safe. The work pants by BAD made from lightweight 280GSM pre-shrunk stretch FREEMOVETM fabric, which is UPF 50+ rated and adheres to Australian safety standards are a perfect example of safe and sustainable workwear.


As essential as safety is, comfort also deserves attention. An average person spends 40 hours per week at work. Therefore, their clothing while working must be comfortable and not restrict movement. BAD waterproof work jackets such as the Hi-Vis shirt and the Hi-Vis Reversible Vest allow a wide range of motion and breathable fabrics to keep you cool while working hard. Antimicrobial (bacteria-resistant) and stain-repellent finishes are also included in some designs to make maintaining your clothes easier.

Designed to be durable

The workwear you wear all day is subjected to friction against rough surfaces and frequent washing with harsh chemicals, but as opposed to everyday clothes, the workwear is built to last. A tradie's workwear is usually made from strong, durable fabrics created specifically to withstand the wear and tear of their work. When choosing clothes for the workplace, avoid clothes that will wear out quickly and put you at risk of accidents.

High-quality and Presentable

Nobody enjoys boredom. Uniqueness in terms of cut, colour, and decorative features should be considered, and the workwear you choose shouldn't look like clothing from another recognisable brand. While your employer is probably more interested in the quality of your work than how you look, having clothing that looks professional and presentable will help create a positive lasting impression that may lead to repeat business.

Buying high-quality workwear means you will wear it for many years. Although the investment in high-quality workwear is not necessarily the cheapest, it is money well spent. What could be better than workwear brand that offers a convenient, safe, and easy payment option, so you never miss out on a piece you love? With BAD Afterpay, you can easily pay for your high-quality workwear in four equal instalments.

Maintaining consistency in the brand's messaging.

Workwear isn't like regular clothing. It has a multitude of roles to play. Maintaining brand consistency reflects the values and ideals of the company. Personalised orders and brand awareness are needed for creating workwear that helps the company appear professional, trustworthy, and reliable.

In the 21st century, eco-friendliness has become increasingly important for people. Sustainability in workplace clothing encourages more environmentally friendly thinking, and all Australians deserve eco-friendly workwear that functions and looks good. As an eco-conscious company, Bad Workwear offers its customers an assortment of sustainable workwear accessories for both men and women, striving relentlessly to ensure a vibrant economy for our nation.

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