What are some on-site health issues facing tradies that can be avoided with high-quality workwear?

At a glance:

  • Aussie tradies work long hours and are usually in a harsh working environment.
  • Among all brands, BAD offers high-quality workwear that is designed to minimize health risks on the job.
  • Read on to find out what safety workwear BAD offers for tradesmen and women.

Aussie tradies have a reputation for being tough. They are often equipped with heavy and sharp tools, working long hours in order to complete tasks correctly and on time. Physical and mental health and overall safety of tradesmen and women are extremely important considerations within the construction industry today. The tedious work and unhealthy working environments can negatively affect their health, causing them to suffer from many illnesses. To avoid this tradies must wear protective clothing. An employee may not be able to work effectively and efficiently in hazardous conditions without the correct workwear.

Loss of hearing

The risk of hearing impairment and deafness is high for construction workers and others who are constantly exposed to loud noise levels or work with noisy machinery. The risk is also high for those who handle ototoxic chemicals. In this sector, it is imperative to wear protective workwear to minimize industrial noise. Workers can protect their ears from possible hearing loss by wearing safety headgear, such as self-adjusting foam earplugs and hearing protection earmuffs.

Blister in the Sun

Australia's weather is harsh, and exposure to even mild conditions can damage skin cells, making you more vulnerable to skin cancer. In Australia, skin cancer accounts for more than 80% of all newly diagnosed cases each year, and tradies' outdoor working environments put them at risk. As a result, employees who spend long periods outside should wear protective clothing.

Protective clothing is generally used to guard against workplace hazards. However, it can also cause heat stress that reduces sweat evaporation and weakens sun protection. Alternatively, workers are exposed to hazards if these protective measures aren't taken. For this reason, PPE and workwear incorporating UV protection and appropriate breathable fabrics are essential. Just like BAD® HI-VIS Polo Shirts, PINNACLE™ long sleeve t-shirts are made from UPF50+-rated fabric along with micromesh fabric that is breathable and soft. For complete sun safety, consider wearing a Legionnaires Hat or Brim Hat.

Respiratory Disease

There are countless workers who are exposed to toxic fumes and gasses at work who would greatly benefit from respiratory masks. Masks prevent airborne dust particles from entering respiratory tracts and impairing workers' breathing.

Possible Eye, Head and Hand Injuries

The more common causes of workplace eye injuries are blunt force trauma, chemical burns, thermal agents, and biological agents. Face shields and eye-protecting devices combined can offer adequate protection against all hazards. Further a full-face shield offers both respiratory and eye protection.

Sparks and spatters in welding equipment often cause severe damage to workers' eyes. Those who engage in woodworking and metalworking are at even greater risk of injury from projectiles. Wearing protective gear such as safety glasses, face masks, and shields while performing such tasks could prevent eye damage of such a nature.

Head injuries are common in heavy equipment workplaces. Brain damage that results from head injuries is often fatal. Protective helmets can make a significant difference in reducing the impact of a blow. Specific kinds of helmets are designed to meet the needs of certain industries.
There are a lot of sharp objects and machinery that tradesmen can encounter that can result in hand injuries. Safety gloves are an effective means of protecting your hands when welding or doing other similar activities.

Foot and Leg Injuries

At work, foot protection must be worn to prevent falls, sprains, cuts, bruises, and slips. Slippery floors may cause accidents resulting in broken bones or sprained ankles. Safety work boots with a thick sole and steel material on the toe area offer good protection for men and women alike. In addition to protecting the calves, safety boots insulate the legs below the ankles.


Not all on-site injuries are life-threatening but even minor injuries can cause long-term pain and interference with your personal life and career. This is why BAD workwear strives to provide gear that will outlast many different types of work environments. As one of the top workwear brands, we offer an array of high-visiblity and high-quality pants, jackets, and hoodies. Designed for maximum comfort at work, these products use lightweight materials that are skin-friendly. Garments by BAD Workwear are designed to meet the function, comfort, and style requirements of trendsetters and trend lovers.

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