Why We Are The Leading Brand When It Comes To Women's Workwear

When it comes to women in blue-collar jobs, there is unfortunately a huge lack of representation. Within Australia’s trade industry, only 5 percent of tradespeople are women. While this is increasing year by year, it is important that the women within the industry feel welcome. This will encourage more women to want to enter the industry in the future.

Barriers to female participation in trades, has decreased significantly over the past decade. However, one of the most common barriers is the lack of female safety workwear. Women face the challenges of attempting to find good quality workwear that is tailored specifically to female body shapes, while also being comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

While you might not understand the importance of comfortable and fitted female workwear, the consequences can be serious. If women’s safety work clothes aren’t designed to fit their bodies, it won’t function properly and therefore will not protect from women from workplace hazards. Ill-fitted workwear is a physical hazard and large clothing can get caught in equipment and cause accidents, as well as lower productivity.



Women feel less safe on the worksite and this is a major problem. However, BAD Workwear saw this gap in the market and decided something needed to be done. As a result, they are now the leading brand when it comes to women’s safety workwear in Australia. 

They are the leading brand because they took charge and made sure that all of their women’s workwear was made with only women in mind. They have an extensive range of women’s workwear within their range including work boots, work pants, Hi-Vis t-shirts, polos and hoodies, all designed specifically for women.

When it comes to their women’s workwear, BAD made sure that they were made by customising the measurements of length, waist and hips to fit women. They aren’t dangerously loose and provide function and aesthetic. They also provide their range in vibrant colours, that are fashionable and safe for work site visibility.

When it comes to women’s work boots, BAD made certain that they were the perfect fit for the shape of women’s feet. They include a shorter ankle length, higher arch and smaller instep, keeping your feet comfortable and safe from hazards such as sharp tools, falling objects and harmful chemicals.



This is exactly how BAD Workwear made themselves a leading brand in women’s workwear. By putting in the time and effort to create the perfect women’s workwear, they produced a safety workwear range that was appealing to female tradies all across Australia.

Now female tradies across Australia get to feel comfortable, look professional and work their hardest while keeping themselves safe on the worksite, all thanks to BAD Workwear’s amazing range of female workwear.

If you are in desperate need of some new workwear, that is high-quality, durable, comfortable and helps to keep you safe, then look no further than BAD Workwear. We can deliver you with contemporary workwear, and make sure you are fully equipped to get on with your job safely.

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