Workwear With A Mix of Business & Pleasure.

Does your job require you to have a work uniform or no work uniform? I personally love wearing a uniform to work. Having a work uniform saves time and expenses, also I feel so much more professional when I go to work.

When it comes to workwear or uniform – some people believe that all workwear can be boring, the fabric is low quality, the colour is tacky, or the fit is not flattering. I used to be that person who didn’t like wearing my workwear, until BAD Workwear came to the rescue.

BAD Workwear is a brand that sell the best work uniform and workwear in Australia – from casual options, to blue-collar safety workwear; they have it all.

Here are the reasons why BAD has revolutionised the ‘work uniform’:





We spend half of our day at work, and during such long hours we cannot wear low-quality clothes that are uncomfortable.

BAD Workwear is known for the quality it delivers, from singlets to overalls, from caps to socks – they sell everything that you need for work.

Usually, when you are making a workwear for your company, it should enhance the value of the brand. The high-quality embroidery and screen printing that BAD does, offers precisely that. They use the latest machinery to upscale the embroidery on your workwear. Also, they have access to leading brands worldwide, so you are going to have access to amazing quality items, when working with BAD.





Feeling confident when going to work is essential, and the way you look is one factor that boosts your confidence. When you work in a company with strict rules about work uniform, you may feel like your style is completely ignored.

Blue-collar jobs like construction require safe workwear, however that does not mean workwear should not be stylish. BAD Workwear has introduced the trend of fashionable workwear so that you feel presentable and confident when you are wearing your work clothing.


Size-Inclusive Fashion

What is more frustrating than not finding the clothes you like in your size? Talking about workwear, not all the manufacturers have too small, or big sizes available in their stores. This is not the case with BAD Workwear, they have multiple sizes from XS to 3XL.

A few years back, women tradies had to wear clothes made for men which is not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous. BAD Workwear makes work clothes, especially for women with women’s fit, including the length, waist and hips that keep them comfortable and safe while at work.

BAD Workwear is the one-stop-shop for all types of workwear. They are one of Australia's best workwear brands with both online and physical stores across the country.

They are known to craft the high-quality, reliable and trendy workwear for all the hard workers. The best part is yet to come – they have an AfterPay option which means buy now and pay later – isn’t that amazing. Visit a BAD Workwear store near you, or head to their website and treat yourself with the best.

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